WWE Hell in a Cell

A WWE apresenta o Hell in a Cell. Em destaque estão dois Hell in a Cell Matches com Dean Ambrose contra Seth Rollins e John Cena frente a Randy Orton. Big Show enfrneta Rusev e as irmãs Bella colocam um ponto final na sua rivalidade...

19 de Outubro de 2014

Kurt Angle irá renovar com a TNA Wrestling?

Segundo reporta Dave Meltzer, Kurt Angle deverá renovar contrato com a TNA.

O contrato de Angle com a TNA terminou no dia 21 de Setembro e segundo a fonte, a maioria do pessoal da TNA acredita que a TNA está a fazer de tudo para dar a entender que Angle irá sair da promotora mas quando ele permanecer será uma grande surpresa.

Como reportado esta semana, Angle recusou uma oferta da WWE para trabalhar a tempo inteiro pois ele acredita que o seu corpo não aguentaria uma agenda tão preenchida.

Regresso de Brock Lesnar e Slammy Awards confirmados para Dezembro

A WWE alterou a cerimónia dos Slammy Awards deste ano para o RAW de 8 de Dezembro no Bon Secours Centerem Greenville. OWWE World Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar também estará no show. Eis o anuncio que circula na arena:

"RAW Main Event: John Cena and Dean Ambrose vs Money in the Bank Contract Winner Seth Rollins and Kane. Plus, you’ll see WWE World Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar, WWE COO Triple H…AND The Slammy Awards will take place live in Greenville!"

Estrela do NXT tenta gimmick de bailarino

Depois de ter apresentado uma personagem heel que provocava os seus adversários com cartas, Tyer Deillinger tentou ontem outra personagem no house-show do NXT em Leesburg, Florida. De acordo com fãs, Deillingier apresentou uma gimmick que é uma mistura de "Ravishing" Rick Rude e Fandango. Dillinger perdeu para Hideo Itami.

WWE mente aos fãs mexicanos sobre Sin Cara

Na passada sexta-feira, Sin Cara esteve presente num meet and greeet com fãs na cidade do México a promover os eventos da WWE na cidade em Monterrey que acontece este fim-de-semana. Durante a sessoa, a WWE anunciou que o lutador mascarado era o Sin Cara original. Isso é falso já que por detrás da mascara está Jorge Arias (a/k/a Hunico). Luis Urive, era o original Sin Cara e foi despedido pela WWE em Março e luta agora na AAA como Myzteziz.

Chris Jericho recorda trabalhar com Mickey Rourke na Wrestlemania 25

Na sua autobiografia Chris Jericho recorda a passagem da preparação do seu combate na Wrestlemania e onde teve de trabalhar com o actor Mickey Rourke. Eis a transcrição:

"The night before WrestleMania 25, the legends and I were scheduled to have a rehearsal to discuss what we wanted to do in the match. The layout was pretty simple: I would beat Snuka in a minute, Piper in two minutes, and then Steamboat in about five. Afterward I'd then beat up Flair and challenge Rourke, who would enter the ring and hit me with a knockout punch. Mickey's spot was easy, but a rehearsal was necessary since it was his first time in the WWE. I was looking forward to finally meeting him after our Larry King confrontation and the subsequent weeks of buildup I'd done on Raw without him.

I got to Reliant Stadium in Houston at midnight and walked out onto the massive set that had been constructed at one end of the field. I could see Rourke in the ring with his entourage and they appeared to be the size of ants, and I started walking the one hundred yards down the ramp, when I ran into a WWE publicist. "Hey, I just talked to Mickey and he's mad at you," she said. "He thinks you have a real problem with him." That surprised me. "Well, did you tell him I don't?" "No. Should I have?" Uh, yeah . . . I mean, what did she think the letters PR stood for in the first place? I was part of the Public and it was her job to Relate to Mickey that I was a good guy.

As I got closer to the ring, I could see Rourke staring at me and noticed that his entourage looked less like Turtle and Drama and more like the Delta Force. Three shredded bodybuilders glared at me with their heavily tattoed arms crossed in front of them. . . . One was even wearing army fatigues, for Pete Fornatale's sake! I knew my work was cut out for me as I climbed into the ring and greeted Mickey with a warm smile. "Hey, man, nice to finally meet you!" I said cheerily and gave him the kind of hug you see two dudes in da club do when they don't really know each other. I could sense the last thing he wanted to do was embrace me and he couldn't pull away fast enough.

He was about the same height as I and looked like he'd been through the ringer a time or two, with the wear and tear on his face to show it. His hair was braided with blue and green extensions and held up in a topknot à la Jericho circa 1999. His face was oddly puffy, and with his dyed-black goatee, gold front tooth, and slight hint of BO, he reminded me of an older Jack Sparrow, you savvy? He also looked tough as shit and ready to snap, not the kind of guy I wanted on my bad side. Especially since I was supposed to be taking a punch from him the next day.

We exchanged some small talk as Rourke's Dorks kept staring at me, seemingly ready to pounce at any given moment. To make matters even worse, I recognized the one on the left as Frank Shamrock, and even though he was the shortest of the three, he was one of the toughest UFC fighters ever. What were these guys even doing here? I decided that the direct approach was in order. "Hey, man, I hear you're a little pissed off at me for the Larry King thing, but I want you to know that I was just putting on a show, ya dig?" Rourke's face hardened as if he'd been waiting to get to the heart of the matter from the moment I got into the ring. "No, brother," he said with his distinct New York accent. "You don't say the things you said to me and not mean it. In my world, in the boxing world, when you say that shit, it's because you're looking for a fight."

Wow. That explained why he'd never replied after I'd sent the text through Flair. He was legitimately pissed with me. "No, it's not like that, man. I was trying to get people interested in seeing us wrestle each other. I was just playing a character. Same thing you do when you do a movie." Here I was explaining acting and the inner workings of pro wrestling to a man who had just won a Golden Globe for Best Actor for his portrayal of a pro wrestler. After a few more minutes, I was finally able to convince him that I'd had been playing a role on the King show. His face softened as he realized I was telling the truth. "So you're telling me that even though I'm the one who got nominated for an Oscar, you outacted me?!" He burst out with a you son of a bitch laugh and gave me a bear hug for real this time. All the tension floated away and the entire vibe in the ring changed.

He went on saying how he was so mad after the show that he'd called his agents and demanded them to allow him to fight me. They of course said no, so he had planned another form of revenge. He pointed to the bruisers standing beside him and said, "I flew these guys into Houston on my own dime to make sure everything went smoothly. If you tried anything funny, I told them to kick the shit out of you." I was flattered but told him that maybe he had overestimated me a little. "Mickey, to be honest, you didn't need to bring three guys. I'm sure just one of them would've sufficed." All of us laughed except the guy wearing army fatigues, an Israeli bounty hunter who didn't find any of this funny and continued to stare me down for the rest of the night.

Vince made his way down to the ring, unaware of the confrontation Rourke and I had narrowly avoided and went through his ideas for the match. As a wrestler, I would listen to what Vince wanted, think about the logistics of it, run through it once or twice, and move along. But as an actor, Mickey was much more concerned with camera angles and minor movements. He wanted to rehearse his punch over and over again, discussing his motivation, his positioning, everything. There would be no improv for this guy. Then we discussed how he was going to hit me. I told him not worry about pulling the punch and just swing like he would in a boxing match.

He shook his head and warned me, "I don't know about that. I'm Golden Gloves, brother. If I hit you with this right hand, you're going to feel it." I convinced him that it was OK and told him he could hit me as hard as he wanted as long as it looked good. After being walloped in the forehead for real by the seven-foot-tall Big Show, I thought I could take a punch from a 160-pound actor.

After about a half hour of going over the punch spot a dozen times, Mickey was happy and he left ringside with his posse in tow. I went over to Vince and told him what had almost happened. "You know, Rourke hired those guys to kick my ass if I tried to double-cross him." Vince stared down the rampway at Rourke's gang. "Are you kidding me? Those guys?!" He laughed. He motioned at Dean Malenko and Fit Finlay, who were talking at ringside. "You, me, Finlay, and Malenko would've beat the shit out of them. I mean look at that one guy. . . . He's a midget!" The "midget" Vince was referring to was Shamrock, the multiple-time UFC champion. I smiled at Vince and said, "Well, if anything goes down, I'll take Rourke and you take the midget." "Damn right I will," he murmured and swaggered out of the ring."

Chris Jericho fala da sua última passagem na WWE e indica Dean Ambrose como o próximo grande rosto da WWE

Chris Jericho deu uma entrevista ao BetweenTheRopes.com. Eis os highlights:

His latest run in the WWE: "The Bray Wyatt cage match in Baltimore and then the Randy Orton - Night of Champions match in Nashville I thought were two… whatever a five star match is. Two really really really good matches that I would put on my list of all-time favorites. And that was good to know because as the years go by, I feel just as good as I ever did. When I go back I'm mentally prepared and I think I still work up to a level I set for myself. But when you go out there and actually do some of those things and actually get the feedback from the live audience that you know you can get and from the critics.

"The fact that my last match was the best match on the pay-per-view against Randy Orton, I take great pride in that. And if I never work again, I know I'll always have that. It's still cool to contribute at the highest level and the day — and Brian, I'm not exaggerating about this — the day I feel I can't compete at the highest level I set for myself and can't steal the show, I will not do it again. Throw it on the record, I'm the one guy who can say that. I'm sure Shawn Michaels could say that too. You will not see me in the ring again as a parody of myself or anything other than the absolute best and can go toe-to-toe with anybody else on the roster."

His relationship with Vince McMahon: "I think Vince sees a lot of himself in me. I'm a rebel. I do things the way I see fit but I do it for the good of the company. I'm a company man through and through. I've wrestled for nobody — I haven't taken a bump in any other ring other than a WWE ring since 1999 when I started working for Vince — and I never will. I won't go back to Japan for a tour or go work here or go work there. Not interested in it. If I'm going to be wrestling, it for Vince McMahon and Vince McMahon only. And he knows that I think he respects that. He also knows I'm not a 'yes' man. I don't have that in me. I have to tell him how I feel. I have to tell him why I think this is better and I can tell him sometimes he's wrong. Nobody likes to hear that, especially a guy in his position but I think I can do it in more of a deliberate way, more of an ambassadorial way, but I don't have that in me and I don't think he wants that."

His thoughts on Dean Ambrose: "I saw Dean when he first started and there was something different about him. He has that Jeff Hardy 'X' factor. There's just something about him that you can't push on somebody. You can teach them how to take a bump, give them a look, give them wins but certain guys have a certain something about them that you know is going to take them to the next level no matter what. Dean definitely has that and in my opinion — I'm not the god of everything but I have a pretty good track record of picking guys — I think he's the closest that they have right now to being the next face of the WWE. I don't think that's as important now with the Network and less emphasis on pay-per-views and that sort of thing. But as far as a guy who can come in there as the top babyface, I think Dean's your best best right now."

WWE return plans: "Over the last four of five years my schedules and dates surround Fozzy, and WWE has kind of been not as much of a priority. I still love doing it, but I realize it's not something I'm going to be doing forever. I realized that years ago. To go back for the European shows, Roman Reigns got hurt, there was some injuries and I always enjoy working overseas. So, it's kind of just a quick little run. Other than that I don't know. When this Fozzy tour ends, whenever that may be, if I have time available and the WWE has something interesting for me to do. It's not like they're just sitting around waiting for Chris Jericho to come back. There have been times… I was going to go back for WrestleMania 30, but we couldn't figure out anything for me to do that was worthy of that."

Relationship with WWE chairman Vince McMahon: "Yes, there is a lot of confrontations with Vince, but that's because there's a mutual respect. And some of them get out of control… It's only because both of us respect each other, trust each other, and believe each other. It doesn't mean I'm always going to like the things he does or the things he wants to do. And it doesn't mean that he's going to like the things that I do and the way that I act and react to things either."

Kane falha sobre a queda da streak de Undertaker

 Kane deu uma entrevista ao The Miami Herald. Eis os highlights:

The Undertaker's streak ending: "I was shocked as much as everyone else was at him ending the streak. I'm going to leave it at that because it was such a shocking thing. I'm still digesting to tell you the truth."

If we will see his "See No Evil" character in WWE: "We did some crossover back when the first movie was released, which was great marketing. I don't know if Jacob [Goodnight] belongs in WWE. I think he may he belongs on the big screen more."

Working with Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns & Seth Rollins: "They were where I was 15 years or so ago That's great. They are hungry and have a lot of great ideas and energy. What is interesting about those specific three guys is it's almost like they've determined in their own minds that they are going to be successful no matter what it takes. They do that. I've had a lot of fun working with them."

What can we expect from Jacob Goodnight in ‘See No Evil 2’: “Well, this is going to be a little bit different than ‘See No Evil’; the girls who directed this film are twins, Jen and Sylvia Soska, and they have a huge following in the horror genre and are going to be the next big thing in horror. What’s really interesting about ‘See No Evil 2’ for me, and I just got to see the finished copy the other day, is the fact that despite the film is dealing with disturbing material, is a beautifully shot movie. It’s beautiful; the cinematography is awesome, and the soundtrack is great and it’s really a contrast as you are dealing with this disturbing material and violence and everything but also you’re going ‘Wow, this is really pretty’. What we also tried to do was to try and bring more depth to the characters and to actually have not to your stereotypical slasher movie; let’s make it a movie where you cared about the people in the movie and hopefully that brings about more emotional involvement and not just the visceral visual effects but the fact that you’re like ‘Oh, I really like that person’ and hopefully it makes it a little more scary that way.”

If he got more creative freedom in portraying Jacob Goodnight in the sequel: “Yes, I guess I did actually. There were a couple of scenes that were added to the movie, that weren’t in the original script, that me and the Soska sisters fought for that sort of rounded Jacob out, bringing him more to life and making him more of a human being than a character. I was really happy about that.

You still explore the relationship with his mother, even despite the fact that his mother is no longer with us, she still has a tremendous impact on his psychology and on his emotions. In fact, in the first movie ‘See No Evil’, the mother was the real villain, not Jacob. In this one, she’s still the dominant aspect of his life.”

What was it like working for the Soska Sisters, a set of female directors: “We meshed really well, because they are not your typical females; they are huge WWE fans and they’re probably into all the stuff us guys are into. So, they were really great and what was really interesting about working with them is despite the fact they are two people, at times it’s like you are dealing with one mind because Jen would often be on the floor and directing the action and Sylvia would be watching on the monitor and you’d go through a scene and they’d be tweaks and they wouldn’t talk to each other; Jen would just talk to you differently and you’d do the scene again and Sylvia would go ‘OK, that’s good.’ You’d be like, ‘wait a second, how… did they see through each other’s eyes, or what’s going on?!’

So, at first, I was worried, thinking how are you going to work with two directors? because the director is the boss, they’re the ones who have the final say in what’s going on and how are you going to do it if there’s two of them? But what was really cool about it was it was like you were still just working with one and instead of competing and butting heads, they actually augmented one another. So, it was really an interesting experience.”

Does he enjoy the fact that recently he’s been able to explore different aspects of the Kane Character (Team Hell No, Corporate Kane, The Big Red Machine): “No, absolutely; I’m having a lot of fun. The Team Hell No stuff with Daniel Bryan has probably been the most fun I’ve ever had in WWE because it was something complete different than anything I’d ever done before. I’d always been a very curious character and here we are providing the comic relief to the show. So, if you’d asked people before we did Team Hell No that Kane was going to be the guy you were laughing at, who would have said yes, right?

So, that was a lot of fun and with The Authority now, with Corporate Kane, it’s also very gratifying for me because now he’s sort of a normal person, but underneath it, you have that underlying fact he’s a monster and now he has political power, which is really scary. So, I do have a lot of fun doing different things because as a performer it gets stale when you’re doing just one thing for years and years and years. So, I’m grateful for the opportunity to do different characters.”

What does he think of the newer crop of Superstars like Bray Wyatt and The Shield: “I think they’re going to be great; I think they’re great now, you know? They provide a lot of energy, new ideas; they’re hungry. The thing I noticed when I worked against The Shield (Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns) was the fact that those guys were confident; they knew they were going to be successful, no matter what it took. That’s the kind of attitude you need. So, I’ve really enjoyed working with the younger guys because they have that freshness and that hungry that actually revitalizes me at times.

There’s all sorts of different dynamics going on now too and that’s what makes our product really interesting; when it’s not straight forward and there’s all sorts of different things going on between everybody and that’s what’s going on now. So I think, moving forward through Hell in a Cell and afterwards, it’s going to be quite interesting.”

His favorite Hell in a Cell moments: “Well, my favorite would have to be, of course, my debut and ripping the door off and going in and giving a tombstone piledriver to The Undertaker and having Vince (McMahon) screaming ‘That’s gotta be Kane!’; that would far and away have to be my favorite moment.

Even though it wasn’t at a Hell in a Cell PPV, I’ll never forget the match between Undertaker and Mankind at King of the Ring in Pittsburgh; when Mick went off the cell and then through the cell. That was one of those things that sort of rocketed the Attitude Era into the stratosphere.”

The weirdest thing he’s ever gotten from a fan: “I haven’t gotten a lot of weird stuff; I’ve gotten a lot of stuffed animals, which is different, but probably the weirdest thing that’s ever happened or the most uncomfortable thing that’s ever happened was I received a fan letter at my house. It was really, really nice and it was from a gentleman who was interested in promoting drug awareness and gang resistance and that sort of thing, and it was really great except the fact that he was going to do that once he got out of prison; so yeah, the letter had come from prison. I don’t get a whole lot of really weird stuff.”

Seth Rollins fala sobre o regresso de The Rock à WWE

Seth Rollins em entrevista a uma estacão de rádio na Filafélfia comentou o regresso de The Rock à WWE.

"Uhhhh...I mean there's a little bit of resentment there there's gotta be, but it's mostly envy because we all want to have the level of success that he has. We want to have the ability to walk into a room and um, ya know be as well received as he was," Rollins told Brian Soscia. "Although, he did take the cheap route I think by um just talking about all the boroughs and wearing his little Brooklyn jacket. But that's The Rock, that's how he does his thing."

From there, the chat shifts to football. We find out who his favorite NFL team is. Soscia then remembers a story that he heard about Seth's dreams to play in the NFL and wonders if it's true or not. The conversation comes back to wrestling as Rollins speaks on which wrestler influenced him the most as he was growing up. They also touch on who he enjoyed watching the most as a fan and why?

They then talk about how the style of wrestling has changed and continues to change.

"The style is getting faster and faster. The athletes are getting better and better. The future is pretty bright for WWE," said Rollins.

They also go onto talk about Seth's rarely mentioned fiancé and how important a support system is in a professional wrestler's line of work. He also reveals the extremely important part that she plays in his career.

Rollins is then asked how The Shield measures up to other factions or trios in wrestling history, such as the Four Horsemen, The Freebirds and D-Generation X.

"The Shield was only around for..what? Two years? And we did a lot in two years. I think the fact that people even take those two years and put them up against the reputations of those other groups really says a lot about what we were able to accomplish in that short period of time," said Rollins. "It's definitely something, two years I'm very proud of and I'm happy to say we certainly left a scar on WWE," said Rollins.

From there, they talk about the Shield's unique entrances and the problems that they may have encountered when the fans who try to get involved with it.

Taryn Terrell fala sobre o futuro da TNA

Taryn Terrell deu uma entrevista ao The Mirror. Eis os highlights:

TNA's future: "This company is not going away – there's no way. I'm not concerned. Wherever we go or end up, TNA Wrestling is here to stay."

If she will tone down her wrestling style after having a baby: "I'm not going to take that away from the fans, or my passion – so I do have my baby at the back of my mind, I do everything I can to be safe out there, but what I love is doing the crazy stuff. I wouldn't be satisfied if I was like, 'I'm not going to do any of the crazy stuff anymore.'"

Dixie Carter: "There's that connection and understanding with Dixie. I don't know if I had a child and I was with another company, if I'd be able to come back and do exactly what I've done. If I can't be as active on a certain day or if there's an opportunity I can't take advantage of because I have a child at home, they understand."

17 de Outubro de 2014

Qual será o main-event do Hell in a Cell

Segundo o PWinsider, o main-event do PPV Hell in a Cell será o combate John Cena vs. Randy Orton.

WWE interessada na contratação da Team 3D

Segundo o PWinsider, a possibilidade da Team 3D regressar à WWE é elevada pois quer a Team 3D quer a WWE comunicaram entre si desde que os 3D deixaram de ter contrato com a TNA.

WWE trabalha em planos para Steve Austin

O PWinsider confirma os reports que dão conta da WWE querer fazer de Steve Austin uma figura predominante da promotora em 2015. A WWE está a trabalhar nos planos para o próximo ano mas ninguém sabe ao certo o que é. Diz a fonte que Austin não deverá lutar na WrestleMania 31.

Duas estrelas de regresso à TV da WWE

Curtis Axel e Ryback deverão regressar em breve à TV da WWE, sendo que o próximo mês é a data mais apontada. Axel foi retirado da TV enquanto Ryback estava a recuperar de uma cirurgia a uma hérnia.

Team 3D desafiou Bullet Clube à revelia da TNA e Wrestle-1

Foi reportado que a TNA removeu do Bound for Glory as duas promos que a Team 3D fez no evento à stable Bullet Club da New Japan Pro Wrestling

Segundo fontes, essas promos e desafios que foram levados a cabo por Bully Ray não foram aprovados pela TNA ou Wrestle-1 e não queriam estas no PPV e daí terem sido retirados do show.

CM Punk ignora fã em jogo dos Blackhawks

A WWE Divas Champion AJ Lee e o marido CM Punk estiverem presentes na quarta-feira no jogo dos Chicago Blackhawks. Um fã publicou no WrestlingForum.com o relato do seu encontro com fã e onde este foi ignorado pelo antigo campeão da WWE:

"Now I dont know if I put this is the wrong section or not but anyways. I was at the hawks game and im standing getting food and i look to my left and literally 2 feet next to me aj and punk are standing. Now I am obsessed with both punk and aj so i had a little heart attack. But what I kind of didnt like is the only think I said to them was Hey Phil can I get a picture please and he smirked and totally ignored me looking around like he was spacing the hell out. I didnt say anything else so he didnt think I was a crazy fan but dude has punk always been like this in public? It seems like hes got a stick up his ass and doesnt even want to acknowledge his fans that spent lots of money to get him super famous and rich. But at the same time I understand because I am sure he is totally sick and tired of always having people wanting photos with him and talk to him and asking him about coming back to WWE. I wasnt going to ask him that but still he shouldve at least said hi or sorry not."

TNA indica a parceiros que terá uma nova TV em breve

A F4W está a reportar que os oficiais da TNA tem mencionada aos seus parceiros de negócios que no máximo em dez dias será anunciado um novo contrato de TV.

Estrela do NXT será submetida a cirurgia em breve

É rumorado que o lutador do NXT Mojo Rawley irá ser submetido em breve uma cirurgia ao ombro. Há algumas semanas atrás, Tyler Breeze “lesionou” o ombro de Rawley quando o meteu contra o ringue do poste. Na semana passada ele voltou a trabalhar a zona ao prender um armbar.

Rating do Impact Wrestling cai

O episódio desta semana do Impact Wrestling com Eric Young vs. Jeff Hardy vs. Austin Aries vs. Bobby Roode no main-event teve um rating de 0.8 com 982 mil espectadores. Estes valores são inferiores aos 1.1 milhões de espectadores da semana passada e que originou um rating de 0.85.

Jim Ross elogia estrelas da TNA

Jim Ross fez uso do twitter para elogiar o trabalho de Bobby Roode, Austin Aries, Eric Young, Jeff Hardy que estiverem no main-event desta semana do Impact Wrestling. Ross disse: "Hats off to @REALBobbyRoode @ShowtimeEY @JEFFHARDYBRAND @AustinAries for strong work tonight. Appreciated @OfficialTAZ & @RealMikeTenay too"

Chris Jericho fala sobre as rivalidades com CM Punk, Rey Mysterio e Shawn Michaels

Chris Jericho deu uma entrevista ao Busted Open. Eis os highlights:

His feud with Shawn Michaels and contributions by Brian Gewirtz: Brian Gewirtz is very much responsible for some of the greatest things we've seen over the years. That guy is as close to being a genius on coming up with ideas as Vince (McMahon). Then you had Shawn Michaels, who is one of the best in the business, and Chris Jericho, who is a Shawn Michaels disciple who is at the peak of his game after 17 years in the business. It is a perfect storm of trust and creatively. You had the fans buy into it. When I punched Rebecca in the face, it was supposed to happen, but obviously I wasn’t supposed to hit her for real. She zigged when she was supposed to zag and I zigged when she was supposed to zag and I actually hit her. We felt so devastated and I thought for sure Shawn was going to kick my ass and I gladly would have let him. All she got was a fat lip and after she got up she was like “Is that all you got Chris?” people that were watching because people say then after a week we realized this was the best thing that could have happened. It made it real and the people are saying if anyone hit my wife, my husband, grandmother, and grandfather I am going to kill them. That is when the feud went into overdrive because it got real.

Talking Vince McMahon into the Rey Mysterio mask angle: Well, it is different; after Michaels there was the (Rey) Mysterio angle. That is what I pitched to Vince to work around Rey’s mask. Vince said, "They don’t care about the mask." And I said, "Of course they do. That is why they buy it." We had this guy wear a mask and never explained what it means to him. I want his mask. Vince said, “Why do you want his mask?" I said, "Because I am a bully. I want his milk money. I don’t want any milk. I am going to take it and throw it into the lake." Then Vince loved it.

Pushing the limits with CM Punk: Then with the C.M. Punk feud in 2012. My thing is I wanted to take it to this next level. I wanted to tattoo him. Vince loved it and then was kind of talked out of it. I think someone got in his ear that there is going to be blood. Plus Vince said he has a million tattoos. Well, it doesn’t matter if he has a million tattoos. What if I tattoo my initials on him FOR REAL? Punk was saying, "Let’s do this for real" and that is like being violated. That is why we switched over to the alcoholic thing and I got a lot of hate for that. People saying, “Oh, my father is an alcoholic" and "how dare you say and use that as a crutch for a pro wrestling storyline.” Guess what? That is why I did it. I was begging Vince for us to do the tattoo angle; someone had told Vince that tattoos will create blood and Vince got scared. Plus... (Vince) doesn’t have tattoos so he doesn’t get it. He came up with the idea that Punk’s dad has problems with alcohol and you think he wouldn't go for it and to Punk’s credit and he went for it. I don’t know if he had issues with his family and he wanted to take it out with them and I don’t think he even told his dad about it. Punk gave us full 100 percent with it as he should have and then his sister got involved, then it got real. Can we do that now? I don’t know because you got to go into a deep place? When I came back with the Bray Wyatt thing and I was on fire and I was pitching so many ideas, I went in to pitch some ideas to Vince for Summerslam and the PPV after that, and his response was - and this is great I should save it for my next book - he was eating steak and I went through this entire ten minute pitch about this and that and this guy will come back and this retired gunslinger will come in and help his old rival and this whole thing and his response while eating his steak and he says “Bad cow” I said what? “Bad cow, this steak is tough, bad cow” I am like" is that all you have to say?" And he is like, "What else you got?" And I am like, "Okay, he doesn’t like this idea." We didn’t do much with the story, but like I said, all I can do is make suggestions and he is the boss, so he makes the suggestions, but I am a big fan for long storylines.

JBL desmente briga entre Justin Roberts e Michael Cole no RAW

JBL fez uso do facebook para desmentir a notícia que dava conta que Justin Roberts e Michael Cole tivessem discutido no Monda Night RAW desta semana. JBL disse:

"I saw on the Internet that Michael Cole and Justin Roberts got into a fight at ringside-during a live Raw. Do you realize how preposterous this is? Michael has ZERO break during the three hours (King and I barely have enough to tweet!), we go straight to WWE App during commercials (which Maggle is so helpful in showing everyone how to download) and back to TV action. This 'fight' never happened and couldn't have happened due to lack of time. I have no idea how these things start-but happy that people care enough to write about what we do and what goes on, sometimes though the 'news' is wrong as in this case," Layfield wrote.

"I wish Justin the best obviously and I know nothing of his departure other than what was announced-but wanted to clear this up as the Internet was buying this for fact for some reason.

"I do want to wish Maggle a happy birthday (yesterday) I do think Maggle is the best play by play guy WWE has ever had, and before all of you hop on the JR or Gorilla bandwagon-I mean no insult to either of those guys, both all time greats. I have worked with Michael since my broadcast start and have never seen anyone better-that is obviously subject to my opinion. The stuff he has to do with all the social media, app, network, etc makes his job the hardest play by play in the world imo and as much as I love getting him on air, I think he is great at it."

James Mitchell revela conversa que teve com Vince Russo sobre Dixie Carter

O antigo manager da WWE, WCW ECW e TNA James Mitchell publicou no facebook uma conversa que teve recentemente com Vince Russo. Mitchell disse:


During a recent conversation with former WWE and TNA head writer, Vince Russo on Vince Russo’s Pyro & Ballyhoo, I asked him to explain to me how the decision was made in TNA creative to fire me, when I was clearly a good soldier, a top tier on-screen presence who got real heat and unquestionably one of the very few money-promo guys. He offered the following-

“Two overlaying things with TNA. One is much bigger than the other. And Jim, one of ‘em is like almost unbelievable to say, okay? Dixie Carter, I hate to say this, and I hate to use this word, but after owning the company for so many years, Jim, was still such a mark that if Jim Mitchell would be the Devil on television and was getting heat because that was his job, and that’s what he was paid to do, because people were booing and hissing you, Dixie did not like Jim Mitchell. Not that she, and you shouldn’t laugh, this is a shoot, so literally bro, if you’re getting heat and people are booing you and she doesn’t like you because of your “character”, a lot of times that transforms into her not liking you.”


That explains a lot about her subsequent creative input. Perhaps if I posted Tweets insensitive to Japanese typhoon victims, as she recently did, I would have been more in line with her vision of how a heel gets heat."

16 de Outubro de 2014

Steve Austin nega que irá regressar aos ringues

O WWE Hall of Famer Steve Austin mais uma vez negou que irá regressar aos ringues. Durante mais uma edição do seu podcast, Austin mencionou que não há qualquer chance de regressar aos ringues na WrestleMania 31 e que não tem interesse em voltar a combater e se o fizesse, seria retirar o foco a Brock Lesnar

Austin revelou que irá estar ocupado com outro projecto mas que não podia revelar qual.

Numa nota adicional, a WWE tinha planos para que acontecesse um combate entre Austin e CM Punk. Segundo o PWinsider, durante a entrada de Punk para o seu combate contra Chris Jericho na WrestleMania 28, a produção filmou uma entrada com Punk de costas muito similar à entrada de Austin, Isto seria para ser usado em material promocional para o combate entre Austin vs. Punk.

NXT Takeover na WrestleMania 31?

Foi mencionado que a WWE planeia realizar especiais NXT Takeover de quatro em quatro meses. Com o próximo especial a estar confirmado para 11 de Dezembro, o especial seguinte aconteceria em Março de 2015 e assim especulasse que este aconteça durante o fim-de-semana da Wrestlemania 31 e assim toda a crew do NXT estivesse presente no grande evento da WWE. Seria possível que o Takeover acontecesse no WrestleMania Axxess ou até mesmo num espaço maior.

Quem irá substituir Justin Roberts & Antiga Total Divas poderá ocupar vaga

O que se fala na WWE é que será Eden a substituir Justin Roberts como announcer do RAW. Lilian Garcia irá permanecer no Smackdown e quando esta não estiver presente, nomeadamente nos house-shows será substituída por Byron Saxton.

A decisão de ser Eden a trabalhar no RAW já está tomada mas os planos podem ser alterados até segunda-feira.

Segundo o PWinsider, a antiga Total Diva JoJo poderá ser chamada ao roster principal. JoJo tem sido ring announcer no NXT.

Hall of Famers lendários da WWE irão se enfrentar no Japão

Os WWE Hall of Famers Terry Funk (70 anos) e Mil Mascaras (72 anos) irão ter um combate no Korakuen Hall no pão no dia 11 de Dezembro. Este será o primeiro combate que os dois terão um contra o outro desde o final da década de 70.